A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the far future, on a small space station, humanity seeks to forge an alliance between the people of the universe, based on friendship and respect between a few individuals. Not everything goes according to the plan.

Messengers & Stars is a visual novel I developed a year ago as a school project. It is made with the ren'py visual novel engine.

Art, writing and coding by Veitralf (credited as Archipirata in the game)

Music by Jim Lanthus Kelton, (find him on soundcloud )

The game itself is free, but from $3.00 you will get Jim's amazing remastered soundtrack!

Install instructions

Download the .zip, unzip it (usually unzipping is supported these days, but it is possible that you will need additional software like WinZip or 7Zip), click on the wonderful icon made by a friend during a silly Skype call, and start playing!

The game can be played with only keyboard input.

If there are any problems/feedback/questions, shoot us an e-mail to veitralf@gmx.ch


Messengers and Stars-1.0-mac.zip 241 MB
Messengers and Stars-1.0-win.zip 243 MB
Lathus- M&S .zip 24 MB